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1300 Stock Cars are the "little Brothers" of the Saloonstox just like in full scale oval racing.  1300's are fitted with tough plastic bumpers for some close nudge-and-spin racing. They are a great way for beginners to get into racing, but also a good place for the veterans of the sport to have some real close competition. 

These cars run a basic 4 cell battery and brushed sealed can motor. They are based on the simple Mardave V12 chassis and there are now several manufactures, such as Kamtec and Large IT offering alternative GRP chassis and excellent ready to run kits.

2 Litre Saloon Stox


Just like their full sized counterparts, the fast and aggressive driving make this one of the most entertaining classes to watch or compete in. Powerful, heavy and fitted with big plastic bumpers, you’re always guaranteed an action packed race! 

The cars are based on either the Mardave V12 chassis or the Original Schumacher Supastox, with some great ready to race kits now being produced by Kamtec, Large IT, Nippy and Skippy.

The cars have an option of running either 6 cell with a simple brushed motor, or a Lipo and Brushless motor combo.

Mini Stox


The Ministox cars are designed to replicate a full-size Ministox car. They are a little smaller than the other classes, they are tricky to drive and the racing gets very frantic!

Traditionally, the cars run without any suspension components whatsoever, using only the natural flex of the car’s rectangular GRP chassis to aid handling. This can make setting up and driving very frustrating, but rewarding when it works.

Ministox kits are available from Mardave, Large IT and Kamtec but there are also some smaller manufacturers about that supply Ministox kits such as GOO racing.




Based upon Hot Rod racing up until 1976, the Classic Hot Rods are a non contact class with a nostalgic feel, reliving the golden era of Hot Rod racing.

A large option of chassis are allowed in this class, though they are restricted on power and the use of the heavy ABS bodies.

4 cell Brushed or a similar powered Lipo/brushless alternative can be run.

National Hotrods


The National Hot Rod class is the fastest of all the RC oval classes and requires great skill to pilot the car around the oval in a non contact race.
A wide range of chassis choices are available, with very fast brushless motors, these cars attract some highly skilled drivers and the racing can get quite intense!


Haywards Oval Track Racers, St Wilfrids School, Eastern Road,
Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3