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Welcome to Haywards oval track racers


Thank you for showing interest in 1/12th scale Oval racing

At HOT's we race on Saturday evenings once a fortnight and once a month on a Sunday. We race 1/12th scale indoors on an oval carpet track measuring 14x6 meters. The classes we race are National Hotrods, 2Litre Hotrods, 1300 Stockcars, 2Litre Saloonstox, Ministox and Superstox.

The 1/12th oval cars consist mostly of the Mardave and Kamtec ranges and dependant on class, are powered by a brushed or brushless electronic system.

 There club has members of all ages and we're delighted with the family friendly atmosphere generated. We cater for everyone from beginners up to the most experienced and are pleased to have racers at our club who will happily help out other drivers with setting up, advice and repairs.


Doors open at 6pm - racing starts at 7pm.


Doors open at 9:30am - racing starts at 10am.


Where to find us:

St Wilfrid’s School

Eastern Road

Haywards Heath

West Sussex

RH16 3NL

 If you require any further information please use the contact form below.

Contact Us

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